Tea or Coffee | Argument with self is endless

I am serious. About cutting down coffee.

I know I surprised myself when I decided to cut down my favourite beverage – COFFEE, but in the light of what is to come (yes, Mt Elbrus), if anything is going to aid in my performance, then I am going to do or NOT do something. So – Tea or Coffee – the argument with self is endless.

I do not know for a fact that coffee is bad, as I have written in an earlier post, but from experience I do know that too much of it is not highly recommended – so I am going to let that be my guiding factor. 

But, I cannot deny that the temptation to drink something “hot and stimulating” is too great – but the habit (read addiction) of drinking coffee is strong, that I am tempted to give in. And in a moment of weakness if I do give in, I feel guilty instantly and stop half way. Such a waste of money!

Okay, let me clarify quickly about my coffee – when I say coffee, I really mean the strong, black, sugarless types you get at Costa, Starbucks and such like – now you understand why I have the urge to kick the habit!

So, I have got myself some tea. And honey. It’s working well so far – because each time I have the craving for caffeine, I make myself a cup f weak tea – Jasmine or Ginger. In days to come, I intend to add to my collection of teas – I am trying to get used to this pale and rather tasteless concoction. I don’t understand tea – I don’t understand it at all and more specifically I don’t understand why green leaves of a bush must taste like flowers and tubers and thyme?

I don’t understand why it is better than coffee or even healthier. What is it in the tea that is not in coffee?

No, I don’t understand it at all. Let me try!

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