Wildlife Watching: Best Tips To Successfully View Wildlife In 2018

If you’re looking for a new way to have an adventure this year, you may want to go wildlife watching in some of the best places on earth. Whether it’s going on a safari in Africa, tracking tigers in India or visiting giant pandas in China, having close encounters with some of the world’s most unique and beautiful creatures can be an exhilarating experience for even the most jaded traveler. Africa is still the top choice for millions of tourists in search of wildlife, but there are other destinations where you can see amazing birds, animals, and mammals. For instance, Alaska is where you should go to see bears and moose, while you can go elephant watching in Nepal or Indonesia. Wherever you choose to go, it pays to be fully prepared to stay safe while you get as close as possible to these animals. Here are some tips to successfully view wildlife in 2018.

Timing is everything

Some animals are more active at certain times of day, so do your research to know the seasons and time of day that the animal appears. Take note of their feeding and sleeping habits and what environments they prefer so you’ll have a higher chance of seeing wildlife. Also, keep in mind that each season presents a different occasion for viewing wildlife. For instance, between spring and fall is when you can spot black bears in North Carolina and Tennessee, while you can spot polar bears in Alaska between August and October.

Bring the right gear

You’ll need more than a backpack filled with snacks and a few bottles of water to go wildlife watching. You’ll want to bring a pair of binoculars or rifle scopes to magnify your vision and give you a closer look at wild animals without being in harm’s way. You’ll also need a first aid kit just in case you get minor scrapes or wounds while you’re out in nature. A GPS device or navigator may come in handy especially if you’re alone in unfamiliar territory.

Wear the right clothing

Wearing the right clothing is essential if you want to view wildlife. Wear neutral colored clothing in muted colors, or better yet, use hunting or camouflage clothing to blend into your surroundings. Bring rain gear and extra clothes just in case the weather changes during your trip. It’s also recommended not to wear cologne, perfume, or any other fragranced personal hygiene products if you’re wildlife watching.

Respect wildlife

To stay safe, it’s important to respect wildlife and its habitat. Don’t sneak up on animals and never feed them. Don’t scare the animals so that other people will have a chance to see them as well. If a wild animal sees you, avoid eye contact with it and back up slowly. Always view wildlife at an appropriate distance and stay quiet to avoid scaring the animals.

Going on a trip to see amazing wildlife can be one of the most exciting things that you can do this year. Follow these tips to successfully view wildlife and stay safe while you’re out in nature.

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