Reasons why Hong Kong is called the skyscraper city of the world

For someone who lives in Dubai (me!), going to Hong Kong for a holiday seemed like a funny afterthought. For who would dream of going from one skyscraper city (Dubai) to another city of tall of buildings, right? But I am glad I got talked into going there for the New Year.

Golden Bauhinia Square

Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where the ceremonies for the handover of Hong Kong and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region were held in July 1997. A flag-raising ceremony is held every day at 8:00 am.

And, I am terribly glad I did – after having put off going to that part of the globe for years. Right from the time I boarded the airport express to Kowloon, I had changed my mind about the place. Skyscrapers were alright, but this place had something else besides tall buildings – it had a sense of reality visible evidences of a stronger foundation.

The airport express is the fastest way to get to the city center and goes through some spectacular sights when not underground. (Price: 70-80 HKD)

This Fragrant Harbour (the Chinese meaning of Hong Kong) was indeed a revelation. Below are few spectacular pictures of the skyscrapers in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has the highest number of skyscrapers in the world, numbering 8000, almost twice as that of NYC.

hong kong

The Bank of China building on Hong Kong Island – one of the most iconic buildings here.



Hong Kong

The Lippo Centre believed to have “bad feng shui” and has lead to the many corporate collapses during its ownership.

Hong Kong is the world’s most significant and important financial centre. It is a special administrative region of China but has a separate political and economic system.


hong kong

Hong Kong Island seen through the morning haze. This is where major companies and banks are headquartered.

From Victoria Peak (which is accessible via a funicular, cab, bus) is a MUST visit for all tourists. From up here, you get the actual scale of the city built on two islands – Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.  It is amazing how the city is still under construction, as evidenced by the number of construction works going on in full swing all over the city.



Top Tip: If you here on a short visit, I’d seriously recommend taking the Big Bus tours. There are 3 routes – The Blue, Green and Red routes. The Green and Red routes are on Hong Kong Island while the Blue Route is a good way to see the highlights of Kowloon.


  1. Interesting buildings. Thanks for sharing. And wish you a happy new year

  2. I’m so glad you wrote this about Hong Kong ~ I felt same way, it’s got so much of character being a skyscraper city, it’s so different!!
    There is a kind of vibe and energy to this place which is unmatched!!

    I spent 15 days on a solo trip here and will be back here sometime soon with family!!

    • Whoa! 15 days in Hong Kong – that would a good story to hear! Tell me more! But yes, I totally agree with you – despite being what people heartlessly call “skyscraper city” there is so much life and a sense of realism there!

      Happy travels!

  3. The skyline of Hong Kong has to be the single most impressive I have laid eyes on. Admittedly, I’ve only seen the equally famous Dubai one from a plane…but yes, there is indeed more to Hong Kong than its famous island and harbour, and I have no doubt you saw quite a lot more of it during your time there 🙂

    • oh yes! It was such a shock, although a pleasant one, to see soooo many buildings so beautifully laid out together. I didnt think that I’d ever like seeing a concrete jungle so much, especially because I live in one – and right next to Burj Khalifa at that!

  4. These are some amazing pictures. 8000 skyscrapers? We can only imagine how the skyline panorama must be looking like! But still we are much fascinated by Dubai and find its skyline the most enticing 🙂

  5. Talking of the skyscrapers of hongkong from someone who lives in Dubai definitely provokes some interesting thoughts 🙂 The skyline of hongkong is indeed amazing and deserves this mention.

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