Feeling clueless? Well, its not a bad thing

The truth is that, at some point in everyone’s travel, feeling clueless or out of sync is common. There is nothing to worry about, because the feeling usually passes, but when that feeling strikes, take time off to check why you are feeling so – and even a short period of introspection helps mind tune in to the rhythm around you and eases you out of the mental -block.

I have felt it many a times, even on planned/organised treks – like when climbing a mountain or trekking in jungles, so it is quite natural to expect that feeling when traveling without a plan or purpose.

Frankly, the first time it happened to me, years ago, I thought I had made a wrong choice by traveling alone – but that pretty much was also the reason I am traveling alone till today. Because being clueless in an unknown country forced me to take stock of the situation around me – made me take logical decisions and helped me reason out things. Making decisions is perhaps easy on your home ground because you have a safety net – in the absence of one, you make far more practical decisions and exercise your choice right. I chose to take it positively.

Bosphorous TurkeyIt is definitely NOT  bad thing. It doesn’t define who you are as a traveler. Say, as long as you remember that your purpose of traveling is not “for anything specific” you should be fine. It often happens that along the way, we try to define our reasons to travel and finding none, we slip into a temporary state of uncertainty.  Trust me, it has happened to me. No matter what you tell yourself when you set out of home, there will come a point in your journey that one tends to reconsider and question the very act!!

Here are a few quick solutions that might help! Trust me, it has helped me immensely!

1. Remember why you are there in the first place. That is the quickest way to get out of a mental -dip
2. Take it easy – nothing lasts for ever. This too, shall pass.
3. Breathe. Chill. Speak to fellow travelers.
4. Do something that relaxes you – get a massage.
5. Talk to yourself. Nine times out of ten, you will find your own answer.

 There is no reason to guilt-trip yourself.




  1. Good post Anjaly! I’m obviously having one of those dips right now! I think it’s just because I am just starting to get into the swing of things, and now I upset the balance again by moving on……all part of the ride though! And I am sure I will get used to the different feelings and emotions that I will experience as I go along 🙂

    • Its quite natural!!! you will be alright! I think i am having those pangs right now just thinking of my upcoming trips!!! Trick is to keep moving!

  2. dr ajayan chellappan

    Why travel. For nothing specific. Wonderful lesson. Emerson, an American thinker who himself was a great traveller, claims that travelling is a fool’s paradise. For u carry ruins from ruins. U carry your soul with u that brightens things or dulls them. I spent a month in a car, visiting all states in India. My own humble attempt to discover the soul of India but failed miserably. I had a purpose. Abstract, absurd. A specific one. You are right. Wish u all success. Enjoy yourself.

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