DRC | Visa info before you visit

Planning a visit to DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo) for the Gorilla Tracking or Volcano climb? Here are a few things that might come in handy.

If your interest in DRC is for the above, then it is preferable to enter the country via Rwanda. That said, Kigali airport is 3 hours away from the DRC Border (Goma) and is the preferred option of entering DRC.

***If you are in Kinshasa (the capital), you will have to take a long flight to Goma.

You will need visa for Rwanda (in fact you will need two visas for Rwanda – one to enter and exit and the second to re enter after your Congo visit) and DRC separately.
Your Congo visa is usually secured by your tour operator.
If you are doing it on your own, CLICK HERE for more info.

Rwanda Visa:

If you are arriving in Kigali and leaving for DRC straightaway (or within 72 hours) opt for transit visa. CLICK HERE for link.
Cost: USD 30
Processing time: 3 days (although you get it much earlier)

To re enter Rwanda from DRC (see below for entry points) – you will need to apply for a transit visa or tourist visa (depending on the duration of stay in Rwanda).
CLICK HERE for link.
Cost: USD 30.
Processing time: 3 days.

Entry points into DRCĀ 

If you are in DRC for the Gorilla sighting and Nyiragongo and returning to Rwanda then your entry point would be No 7 or No 8 (see image below). This information will be handy when filling out your visa application form for Rwanda.

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