Virgin Atlantic offers free upgrade contest on social media

Anyone who has flown enough for work or for leisure has tried at least once to get an upgrade to a better seat. While reasons behind the upgrade requests can range from being on a honeymoon to it being their birthday, Virgin Atlantic is capitalizing on the demand for upgrades.

In a blog posted by the official website of Virgin Atlantic, the company is focusing on these upgrade requests by sponsoring a contest for customers and revealing the most common and the most exotic excuses for an upgrade heard by Virgin Atlantic flight attendants.

The #BestRequest contest will give customers of the airline a chance at a free upgrade by sharing on social media—Twitter, Instagram or Facebook—their favorite excuses and reasons to explain why they deserve a seat in a higher class and adding the hashtag #BestRequest message.

Like any good competition, though, there are rules. The prize is a one-way upgrade per winner and they are allowed to bring one guest of their choosing. Four winners will be selected by a judging panel of three members who will pick based on the following criteria: creativity, entertainment, social influence, overall engagement and several other areas.

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