Solo travelers are sexy and so is solo traveling

Hey, what gives you the right to call me a weirdo when I say I love solo travel? Well, solo travel is sexy and solo-travelers are sexy. And confident. And cool. And the hundreds and thousand of solo travelers will agree with me, right?


Why is solo travel sexy? Well, for the very fact that you are venturing out solo says a lot about you – it says you are confident. And confidence, is the the sexiest attitude one can have. Confidence that you will be fine – that you will make the right decision and survive, confidence that you will have the best time despite not having your “entourage” of friends or family, confident in your decision and joy. It says you love your own company and anyone who can be happy with him/her self, are sure be happy with others as well.

Yes, confidence is sexy!

How many of you can actually walk up to a stranger in an unknown country and TALK to them?  Talk about where to go, what to eat? Admit your ignorance and show yourself open to their suggestion? Earn their trust and get invited into their homes and be trusting and confident enough to know that you will be still alright? Not many. I can and I am darned proud of it. Hurrah to solo travelers who can!!!


Bonding on the Bosphorous Cruise, Istanbul

Solo – travelers are cool.  We do not sit around a table and gossip about colleagues, other friends or relatives. We talk to others, we make friends with strangers, we bond, we agree, we disagree and still remain friends, we show others that world is a safe place and that people are not all bad – and we do this by example – and not talk. We look out for each other in times of trouble. We share and we care – even if we have only just met someone. This is because we know – and have seen and experienced good things and appreciate it.


Yeah, try doing that with your partner/friend around!!

Solo travelers are fun to be with and that definitely is a sexy thing. Why do I say that? Because solo travelers always tend to look at the brighter side of things! Burnt toast? Great, lets see what it tastes like! Only a standing ticket? Cool, that is a great way to travel too… No place to sleep? Okay, lets see what snuggling against a lamppost feels like…and so on! They have loads of great stories to share and travel stories are always so funny! They always know the fun way to get around and will make a saga out of thumbing! We reach out to people. We make fun of ourselves – we do not pretend, because, hey, no one really gives a damn, right?

Xi'an, China

If you are in China and do not speak Chinese, you will understand what it means to bump into a well informed traveler!

Solo travelers are more informed. Who doesn’t like a well informed person? Especially a well informed traveler? It is kind of sexy to get into conversation with a traveler who knows it all – including the price of tea, street food, tram-lines, bus numbers, exchange rates, clean dorms, second hand markets – and a solo-traveler does so with ease and doesn’t cut a sorry “am a cheap ass so I know it all” attitude. They do the talking with panache!

 Solo travelers are NOT cribbers because we don’t really care if we do not get a great picture. We appreciate the fact that a random stranger has been kind enough to agree to take a picture for us! Yes. There is that too. We live in the moment and we do not crib or complain when things don’t go as planned – and because things NEVER go as planned so, being a solo traveler is great because you do not have to put up with endless complaints of your companions!



  1. Good ………………..all the best

  2. Very well written, tempts me to try going solo once! 😉

  3. Best of luck

  4. Varghese Philipose

    A travel make a full man/women as it is learning process every day. While how long a solo?

  5. So true. If this doesn’t make one travel, then what will?

  6. Solo travelers are more informed.

  7. Anjali,

    Seriously, I am impressed seeing your profile, i love to travel and also would like to meet you in person regarding solo travelling.

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