Travel Alert | Is Bangkok or Cairo safe to travel?

Is Bangkok or Cairo safe to travel at the moment? No and No.

Courtesy – TWA News

Bangkok, Thailand

Recently a bomb went off near a Hindu shrine in Bangkok that killed over 20 people including 9 tourists and injuring more than a 125 people. This followed an explosion in the Chao Praya River which has sent the country into a state of panic and travelers have been asked to put off traveling to Bangkok in the coming weeks.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in a statement said that security in Bangkok has been beefed up in all popular tourist areas of the city as a preventative measure and has warned travelers to remain vigilant at all times.

Note that shops, attractions, hotels, public transportation and airports are open and running as usual.

Whether you should go to Bangkok right now? NO.

Cairo, Egypt

Earlier this morning, Cairo was hit by a car bomb that left 6 policemen injured. The blast occurred in the Shubra district of the city.

In the last year there have been several blasts in Egypt that has thrown the tourism industry out of gear, with tourists keeping away from the ancient city for fear of life. There is also an increasing threat of terrorist attack in Egypt.

Is it safe to travel to Egypt? Opinions are divided on the subject, however, it is strongly advised to put off traveling to Egypt till the situation is brought under control.


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