Top 5 things to do in Hong Kong

It would be heartless to discard Hong Kong as a mere “concrete jungle. It is that too (having the maximum number of tall builds in the world), but with a heart and a sense of realism. Even the most cynical tourist will admit that there are many interesting aspects of this city that will put a whiner to shame!

Here are 5 things I enjoyed most in Hong Kong

Visit to the Big Buddha Statue at 360Ngong Ping

Going up in the cable car (especially the one with a glass bottom) is so much fun! You might have “scary” moments if you looked down to see the hill or the South China Sea under your feet, but that is all. This ride is one of the Top 10 Best Cable Rides in the world and a fantastic way to see the world around! The 5.7km journey  is anything but boring!

Big Buddha

The Big Buddha at 360 Ngong Ping


I loved walking through this “village” as it is called, full of restaurants and souvenir shops. I cant say I enjoyed waiting in the serpentine queue for the cable car up the hill, but it was the holiday season, so it figures. I had forgotten how long the queues can get in China or even Hong Kong!


It would be a crime to visit Hong Kong and NOT got up Victoria Peak! For, how else will you put in perspective the amazing city that lies spread out over two sides of Victoria Harbour! Well, going up to the Peak is an experience in itself – particularly if you going up in the Peak Tram.

Victoria Peak

Can you beat views like that!


For over 120 years, this tram has been carrying tourists and residents up the peak! The views of Kong Kong from the Peak are simply mind blowing! Not to mention have a cup of coffee in one of the many coffee shops at the top.


This is Hong Kong’s highest Indoor Observation Deck located in the International Commerce Centre, Hong Kong’s tallest building at 343m. It is also the only indoor observation deck in Hong Kong offering a 360-degree view of the entire city. The time taken to reach the top is a flat sixty seconds. You can set your timer!

There is some fine shopping to be done withing the building itself. world-class shopping mall in the city, it has been acclaimed as the must-visit first stop for tourists to Hong Kong. It also features exceptional swift double-deck high-speed elevators, which reach the 100th floor in just 60 seconds.

Sky100 is very easily accessible – even from the airport! Hop on the Airport Express heading to Kowloon. Yes, its that easy.


Enjoy fantastic 360 degree views from up here!




Yes, I will say this. I loved the Big Bus Tour – so much so that I did all the 3 lines – The Blue, Red and Green. It was the best way to sum up everything I saw (or missed when taking the trains) and the narration was specially helpful.

If you are short on time, this is a great and economic way to see the highlights from the comforts of the bus. Tickets can be bought on the spot or booked online.

If you happen to be on Hong Kong Island, the Big Bus starts right outside the Pier 7. I suppose, had it not been for this tour, Stanley Market and Repulse Bay would have been left unseen!

Advice to self: Make sure to take the Big Bus Tours anywhere I go.


Hong Kong has some of the best shopping in the world. Period. That said, there was one Outlet Mall that I particularly loved (and went twice). I can’t remember the name of the mall, but its right there as you get off the train at Tung Chung (your gateway to Lantau Island)



As an Asian destination, food is definitely one of the highlights of Hong Kong. This city is third on the list of cities with the maximum Michelin Stars (after Japan and US) and that is saying something! That said, basic food or even street food is widely available to suit all tastes and budgets. During my stay I tried pretty much all variations – Hong Kong is literally a food paradise!

Top Tip: Kowloon side is the place to head to for local food!

ngong ping

These were some yummy sweet treats we tried at the vegetarian deli after a visit to the Holy Temple at the base of Big Buddha at Ngong Ping

hong kong

Fried eel skin at one of the dumpling restaurants off Nathan Road, Kowloon. Crunchy and nice if you can get past the way it looks.

The White Beard

Fish n Chips at the White Beard (a British fast food) at Pier 7.



If you are used to the Western-style McDonalds, then this might come as a bit of surprise (or challenge) to you. Fortunately the hash-brown tastes the same, but I had a bit of a challenge in getting started with pasta and eggs and pork patties in some hot soup – but I eventually got used to it and even liked it. There is a different range of breakfast if you’d like to try – that includes congee (rice gruel) with of course – pork!



  1. I had a friend living in Hong Kong for a year and I really wanted to go and stay with him so badly. Seeing things like this make me super sad that I did not! Hopefully I will get there one day. The photo from Victoria peak is amazing!

  2. I visited HongKong 3 years back and missed seeing the Buddha and because of my kids couldn’t eat much of the local food as well. Your blog reminds me I need to visit HongKong again and do all of these.

  3. I haven’t been to Hong Kong, and this list looks great 🙂 It’s a bit sad that they have stopped visa on arrival for Indians…I will still make a visit though and I am sure this will come hand then 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness….you had me sold at the SKY100 and the food!!! Everything look delicious, though even in a different country I would not eat at McDonalds haha.

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