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Kazbegi, now Stepantsminda may not be the average visitors “must visit” place – with the exception of the drive along the Georgian Military Highway that leads to this frontier town. But on a closer look (read better preparation) at this mountain-town you do realize just how much it means to pause a while, breathe and begin a new journey in a town that doesn’t have more than five restaurants, where any activity is limited to long walks through mountain villages, hiking in the mountains or simply strolling alongside the river and looking up at the snow covered mountains rising above you…

Kazbegi is the kind of place that shakes your prejudices and goads the mind and body into action. It makes you look for things to do – and not just give you a list you can tick off. Here, you see what you see and do what you can do within your time frame and your physical limitations – you set your pace and make up your list.

What Kazbegi does give you is fabulous food, views and opportunities to test your patience and physical strength.


The town of Kazbegi

Gergeti Trinity Church

This 14th century church sits at a height of 2170m in the village of Gergeti on the other side of Kazbegi. There are two ways to reach it – one is to trek and the second will cost you 50 Lari and a 4WD. If you are trekking, make sure you start early, carry plenty of water and wear sturdy shoes. It tends to rain often so, carrying a rain jacket is advisable.

If you are short of time, hire a 4WD – plenty to be had in the Kazbegi town square.

Whatever be the method of traveling to the Gergeti Trinity Church, be assured that it is worth the effort. From the mountain top, the entire village looks different – in fact, you get the feeling of being on top of the world, until you see the snow capped mountain rise above behind the church! When it mists up, it is ethereal! The tiny church has some fine paintings, but remember that photography is not allowed inside here. Best, soak up the scenery around you. There is nothing like it anywhere in Georgia.

Gergeti Church

Gergeti Trinity Church


I opted for the 4WD instead of the long trek – it was raining too


The view of Gergeti from higher up in the mountains towards Gergeti Trinity Church

The town of Kazbegi


The beautiful lion head at the town square

The town of Kazbegi is a small frontier town and the launching pad to adventure activities around. Surrounded by high mountains, this little town has one of the best kebab places!

Gergeti village

The village of Gergeti neighbouring Kazbegi

Gergeti Village

The village of Gergeti neighbouring Kazbegi

The Russian Border


The last point of Georgia before entering the Russian soil. There is a cute monastery and a church right where you take a turn.

The Museum is located in the memorial house of the Georgian writer Alexander Kazbegi (1848-1890). Together with the library and personal belongings of the writer, the museum houses ethnographic artifacts typical of the Khevi region; archaeological exhibits; religious relics; books, and various works from local artists.

Devdoraki Glacier, Dariali Gorge and Khdi Gorge are other interesting places to visit if you have the time and the body for it.

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1. Cafe 5047m


A glass of Kindzmarauli wine at the most beautiful cafe in all of Georgia. With snow capped mountains behind and the town square out front.


The most beautiful cafe in all of Georgia

2. Shorena’s


Fancy a fresh, local breakfast? Everything is locally produced and is FRESH

3. Hotel Khive

Khevi Restaurant

Of the four places to eat in Kazbegi (Stepantsminda) pick Khevi – for the best kharcho and kebab!


  1. Wow the first image looked like a painting at first sight!

    • It does! Yes. It is surreal and ethereal as well – I think every traveler should visit Georgia once in their lifetime – twice or more if possible too!
      I am going back shortly!

  2. This is straight out of a fairy land. Anjaly your posts on Georgia are giving me some mean wanderlust pangs 🙂

    • Give in to temptation I say! Travel is the only thing you should give in to 🙂 But seriously, if there is one place on earth you should visit – it is Georgia!

  3. Thank you so much for your post Anjali….we are visiting on july…..

  4. This is great! I’m travelling this October and really look forward to see this place 🙂

  5. Hi there, just wondering, when was this trip? the view looks amazing! Thanks

  6. Thanks for the tips.. Am on my way there for a few days. Will hike around Kazbegi and Junta. This info is awesome. Do you have recommendations for where to stay?

  7. Thanks for the great tips. I am going next month with my girlfriend.

    Is the hike from the guesthouse to Trinity Church a hard one? How much time does it take? And what’s the best time of the day to go there?

    Thank you

  8. Hello,
    I just wanted to revisit Georgia in first week of November. I was in Tbilisi last week and would like to visit places near it and I came through this stunning area. I need to know how is the weather going to be and if it worth to be there on first and second of November.
    Thanks a lot

  9. My wife & I will be there next week, how many nights would you recommend staying there? We have 6 nights total in Georgia & are flying in & out of Tbilisi. Any none guided hikes recommended from the town we can follow?

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