Things I love about Bratislava

To begin with, the two things I loved most about Bratislava was the Roland Coffee and Garlic soup in a bread.

But that does not mean I don’t think fondly of castle, Cumil the Workman and the Danube river cruise – I do. I also remember with much fondness the cobbled streets, the quaint buildings, the Hare Rama Hare Krishna traveling band, the broken bridge, the tram rides and the ice cream cones.


Garlic soup in a bread

There is something about Bratislava that I particularly like – to me, it was no more than a ‘bustling village’ – as a fellow beer drinker in a pub said “the smaller villages are prettier, but this Bratislava is really a big village and not so nice.”

The “Big Village” was nice indeed. I was here on a short visit from Austria, and I arrived via Danube on a fast cruise boat and enjoyed every bit of it. On the way in, I befriended a Spanish girl and we hung about all day and the next, pretty much exploring the old city twice! Yes, that’s how small it is.


On your short journey around the Old Town, you will come across many quirky statues. Apparently they were installed to brighten up the otherwise drab face of the city post the end of Communist regime. Today, visitors arrive with the sole purpose of finding the “statues” and ticking them off the list as they find them!

If you are a foodie, there is plenty to explore her – you can easily find a variety of eastern European food, although I tended to stick to the standard roast pork and cabbage – if you you like surprises on your table, go for it. Or ask the waiter – they may not speak a lot of English, but enough to understand your need.

Bratislava is one hour away from Vienna. You could take the bus, the train or the most picturesque and expensive boat.  You won’t regret coming here!

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