The more you travel, the clearer your thoughts become | Interview

This article appeared in Indiareads
Story by Prachi Seksaria 

Star travel blogger and author of four books, Lonely Planet (Dubai)UAE Country Guide, For You, Almost Intrepid and There are no Gods in North KoreaAnjaly Thomas is a traveler and a lawyer by education, although she never practiced law. She always dreams of traveling – backpacking, trekking, and climbing.
Anjaly recently made a trip to the mysterious and elusive land of North Korea and her experience and insights form the book There are no Gods in North Korea. We caught up with Anjaly for a quick bite on her experiences of solo traveling, writing and more.

The title of your book is really intriguing, and so is the place that it is about. It’ll be interesting for readers to know what made you choose North Korea as a travel destination.

Well really – my decision to visit North Korea was not based on any long term motive of writing about it later on….


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