Tried street food ever? It is fabulous!

At Pattaya - couldnt wait to dig into this delicious combo of rice, beans, clam and something else!

At Pattaya – couldn’t wait to dig into this delicious combo of rice, beans, clam and something else!

There are many reasons why Street Food is particularly enjoyable!! I never miss a chance to eat at the food stalls lining the streets – anywhere I go or sometimes even in my hometown India – that practically serves up thousands of varieties of it! Okay, more often than not, related issues like upset stomach does occur, but I have survived – and has thousands of people before me.

On my first solo international travel, I did have several thoughts of eating at places I didn’t know about (A Sheldon Cooper Syndrome perhaps!), but once I took the first bite of street-Phad Thai in a dingy street at Backpackers Street in Bangkok (Khao San Road), I was sold on this concept.

And since then I made considerable global advancement – but this habit stayed. I have grazed the side
walks of various countries – from South East Asia to Africa and countries in between – and yet I crave for more. I might add here that eating cassava and (acidic) fish procured from Lake Manyara in Mosquito River Town, Tanzania, was probably the worst – but it was really the fish that had gone bad – not the process of making it that caused considerable discomfort.

Here is why I think street food rocks –

  • It always tastes better than restaurant food
  • It is definitely cheaper
  • It is fun to watch the cooking process – the smoke the flavours rising out of the not-so-clean wok or pan
  • The chaos around adds to the charm – especially when you don’t speak their language or cannot identify the food item
  • You don’t need to worry about how you eat, where you eat and if you are dressed for it!

    In a marketplace in interior Cambodia – its also the place I ate barbecued snake!!

  • You can choose your flavours – the flavours actually reflect the culture
  • Most of what you eat is “authentic”, very local and never gets served at restaurants – it often becomes that “distinct mark” that makes you feel as though you are really in a different place (restaurant food can be so similar!)


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