Top songs that make me want to TRAVEL!!!

Top songs that make me want to pack up and LEAVE. On a jet plane!!

Hey, I am not the only one. I have met travelers who feel that way. Who share that musical secret within their heart – of a song that always inspire them to pack up. I am one such traveler!

So as the year draws to a close, I am making a list of top 5 songs that never fail to stir something inside – that being the insane craving to get on the first flight out to anywhere … The list, if I were to be honest, is longer than 5. Country Roads and Hotel California and Here I am are among the top of the long list – but heck, who doesn’t like them anyway!

A SPECIAL TRIBUTE TO ‘LEAVING ON A JET PLANE’. Its the song I always think of when the flight takes off. Love you John Denver.
I see a boat on the river – Boney M: How could I not love a boat after this song!!! I grew up listening to this!


CASABLANCA: BERTIE HIGGINS – What would I ever do without Casablanca? I have never been there and yet this song transports me to a world I can feel. Resolution for 2014 – Go to Casablanca!!! Bertie – you also gave me Just Another Day in Paradise but that is another story.

LION SLEEPS TONIGHT – LION KING – I love every version of this song. While it is not the ONLY reason I travel to Africa every chance I get, this is my FAVOURITE Africa-type – song. The perfect song for anything Africa!

BANANA BOAT SONG РHARRY BELAFONTE РOk, this is a very Jamaican-style song, of bananas and boats and drunk/tired workers, yet it is so cheerful and fun. Again, not been to Jamaica Рbut every time I see trucks in Africa stacked with raw bananas, I am transported to another world Рperhaps Jamaica.  

HUM TO SAFAR KARTE HAIN : From the film Namkeen (Hindi) – It is, in my opinion, such a traveler song – sometimes haunting and sometimes very positive. I wish I could drive a truck – or at least on the back of one for a long long time through various seasons. Something romantic about trucks and stern faced drivers who can sing!!

¬†SENORITA: From the film Zindagi na milegi dobara (Hindi). Okay, this is one of those songs that absolutely makes me want to go on a road trip. Okay, so I like to travel by myself – and by road trip I mean bundling up with bunch of randomly picked backpackers from the hostel/dorm. Yes, that is what this song does to me. My many such ‘road trips’ have ended well – even if we didn’t sing with professional dancers and dance in choreographed steps – ours was more of table-top dancing in dingy bars or back of rattling trucks – but…

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  1. Wow.. on many counts. loved your blog. so inexhaustive.. keep them coming..

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