7 Reasons I love Tanzania

My reasons to love Tanzania are many.  For one, it was the first real African country that I traveled and it was also here that I first tasted success on my fledgling mountaineering career – Mt Kilimanjaro.

I love Africa and that’s saying it mildly. Let me give you reasons why I love Tanzania before I move on to other countries.

Reason 1: The Masaai People
The first time I saw these tall, lithe warriors and heard about their trysts with the lions, I was definitely impressed! When I saw them at their homes, I really liked their hospitality and warmth – not to mention their fine “business brains” – one of them wanted to trade a bracelet for my RayBan!

Masaai Warriors

The Masaai warriors in their colourful shawls. Always makes for a great picture.

Reason 2: The Pubs
The pubs in Tanzania are in a league of their own. They have a certain raw magnetism or magic if you prefer to call it that and what with the lively music pouring in through old speakers all night, there is not a second of non-activity. The beer is usually served warm unless you specify that you want a cold one. The vibe in Tanzanian pubs are certainly something to return for!


This pub in Moshi, Tanzania is called Kenya! How can you NOT love it!

Reason 3: Beautiful days

Karatu Tanzania

A beautiful cloud-filled morning in Karatu (on the way to the northern circuit in Tanzania). It’s like driving into the horizon stretching endlessly.

Reason 4: Misplaced names

Burj Al Arab in Tanzania

Someone in Dubai must be very happy to see this. You can’t miss a Burj Al Arab even if you are traveling through interior Africa. One reason to love Africa – don’t you agree?

Reason 5 : Food. Quite basic but delicious. I really loved ugali and beans, rice with beans, nyama choma…I like how they has greens with every meal and how the food was not full of chili. 

Reason 6: The Markets.  I am not a big fan of jewelery in any form, shape or size – design or colour, but here in the markets, it is easy to get awed by these handmade beaded stuff. For someone who does like these things – you can shop to your hearts content.


Reason 7: The captivating scenery. Whether you are in the Ngrongoro Crater or driving through the dusty villages, there is always a piece of blue sky above. Sudden rain showers, over cast skies, long empty stretches of roads…everything here is beautiful to look at.

Ngorongoro Crater

Low hanging dark clouds in the Ngorongoro Crater. Added a certain soulful charm to the safari.

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