With Vico and Jones

On the Kokoda Track

Ower’s Corner: The beginning of my Kokoda Trek. With me are Vico and Jones (the porter and guide respectively). Its been a year since that happened and to think that I am now writing about it! Post trek, I had my camera stolen in Port Moresby so pictures of the last few days of the trek are gone! Not that there were too many – those of you who have walked it will know that after the first few days, you no more think of taking pics – all you want to do is get out of the darned forest! Well, I felt that way from Day 1!!

Owers corner

On the way to the starting point – McDonalds Corner

Kokoda Track is HARD, to me, in comparison Mt Kilimanjaro felt like a walk in the park. Here you are either walking up or down in extremely humid conditions, rain, rivers, mud and leeches – to top it all, I was doing it alone, which meant all communication I had was with Vico and Jones and not all of them involved words!!

owers corner

Preparing for the trek ahead. Food drop is 4 days away.


kokoda track

With Vico and Jones

kokoda track

More on how I got there

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