There are no roads in Mongolia…

Ulan Bator

There are no roads in Mongolia… whoever said that did not see the wide, open blue skies, running horses, long haired sheep, sturdy cows, stocky women, aaruul, salty milk tea, men on horses, deserts, sands, grasslands, beautiful sunrises, gorgeous sunsets, starry nights…

Who cares about the roads really?

My trip to Mongolia and its vast Gobi Desert was nothing short of a dream. I fell in love with every  inch of the country, its people, its sands and mountains…even its rather limited cuisine.

Gobi Desert

How often do you get to see something as beautiful as this? Not very. Craggy rocks that hide life beneath, perennial blue skies, rolling grasslands, running horses…Mongolia surprises you in many ways.


Ulan Bator Mongolia

The beginning of the trip – in that sturdy old van


Quite a bit of Tugriks for a mere US100

Ulan Bator Mongolia

Pretty buildings under a pretty blue sky

Gobi Desert in Mangolia

The fun begins when the black-topped roads end

The drive on these roads can be equally bumpy, dangerous and fun – but you must trust your driver. They are used to driving on these roads – and if you looked out across the grasslands and saw roads criss-crossing all over the place and wonder where the hell are you going, leave it to the driver. He knows.

Gobi Desert Mongolia

Gobi Desert Mongolia

Today, you see a lot of motorbikes even in the remote villages, as against horses not not very long ago.


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  1. have been meaning to visit Mongolia, the land of Ghenghis Khan. great read, I think I might get my bags ready to go. As I am visitng Hongkong later this month, I suppose I could do this as an extension? Is a week enough

  2. LOVED the scenery of Mongolia – it makes it a destination we really want to return to. The photos from our Gobi tour in particular were some of the best we’ve every taken.

    Great write up Anjy – some lovely memories 🙂

  3. Anjaly, I can feel the warmth of the Mongolian sun on my skin while i read your descriptive write-up… May just pack my bag+husband+son and go off on a long vacation to Mongolia soon!

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