In search of the Komodo Dragon – Part 4

That night we stayed on the boat. Our ‘dining’ table was moved to a side and we spread out our sheets and turned in. Out at sea, anchored near an unnamed island, surrounded by thick mangrove forests, and thus mosquitoes, the sea hitting against the wooden boats, the sound of some night birds and crickets….was a night to remember. I don’t remember spending a more comfortable night as I did that night, among strangers, completely at the mercy of nature…Mathias, our guide had alerted us for unpredictable spells, adding that if such a thing happened, we would probably have a bad night, for the sea would churn and rock the boat.

No such thing happened. I spent a lot of time staring into the darkness, while Peteris snored beside me…it was heartwarming to know that tired people didn’t fuss too much about their beds…!! I must have dozed off at mid night and woke up right after…at pre-dawn. But I was thoroughly refreshed. It must have been the air, I wouldn’t know what it was, but it was great. The boat, as I mentioned before, has a toilet (that empties straight into the sea!), roughly three by three and you cant do anything else but sit down and head out. You get excess of sea water for everything. The crew pulls up sea water to wash the dishes, the deck, the kitchen and the toilet….so you get an idea.

A while later, I hauled myself to the top of the boat where the crew slept. The morning was dawning when they stirred to life, surprised to find me there! I watched the horizon for traces of the sun…few things match the beauty of watching the sun rise from between the hills.

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