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I have found ‘other’ uses for various items  that I may not have had I never traveled. Some from my own experiences and some from other’s experiences (yes!! that helps) – and together they have changed the way I look at things.

The Swiss Knife (illustrative purpose only)

Shawl / Sarong: Those pretty, flowery, cottony piece of cloth are miraculous.

1. I have used it as a make shift swim suit while at Erawan Waterfalls in Thailand.
2. Used it as a pillow in long distance buses/trains
3. Wrapped myself up in it to keep warm
4. Used it as a cover to shield myself when changing clothes, sometimes in public
5. Used it as a headscarf – to cover up when entering temples or other religious sites
6. Spread it on the floor/benches when wanting to lie down in public areas like airports or park benches.

That’s what I am talking about – when the sarong became my swim wear!!!



Sarong – image courtesy Google.

  1. Tie up your hair
  2. Secure things like socks, underwear and clothes rolled up into tubes to prevent crushing and space saving
  3. Keep important papers/passports together

Duct tape/silver tape

  1. Secure everything, from self-untying shoe laces to tear in mosquito nets
  2. Used as plaster when short of band aids
  3. Stick rips in the backpacks
  4. Fix wobbly tripods or just about anything.

Swiss knife:For just about everything!

Headlights: Works better than a torch and leaves your arm free.

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