With the Komodo Dragon behind me....Was well within 'biting' distance from the beast. One flick of his tongue and I would have been history

Komodo Dragons are NOT very friendly | Video

On my first visit to the Rinca Island and Komodo Island, I suppose I must have gone overboard with videos of this not-so-friendly beast! I realised very quickly that Komodo Dragons are NOT very friendly!!!

But, I am glad I did go to this island when visiting Bali – although when I started my trip, it was not on my list.

I will add here that it is not advisable to go anywhere close to a Komodo Dragon, especially not within its biting distance. The saliva is very poisonous and can call kiss a human within 6 hours of being infected.

I did push my luck a bit as you can see in this video.

This fellow was deliberately annoyed 

Getting there:

Hop on a flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo.
Get on a boat (there are options of basic converted-boats and more expensive luxury options) and sail to Rinca Island.

I paid USD400 for a 3 day trip (that became 4 because we were kinda stranded for one night thanks to a storm) – but check on the rates – this was in 2008 and I shared the converted-fishing boat with a Latvian family.


  1. You nerves of steel, lady! I wouldn’t have gone miles near a Komodo Dragon. Wait! I don’t hate them. They have as much a right to live on earth as we do. What has intrigued me are the scenes of local children playing totally unconcerned even as one of these dragons ambled by!

    • oh yeah! these beasts, when they have eaten one whole buffalo, just lie there unconcerned. but if you are nimble, you can run around them – i got chased of course, but i had the good sense to climb a thorny tree – and that was a mistake!!!

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