Kebabs and coffee | Turkey’s must haves

Turkey is a food paradise (and I challenge anyone who says otherwise!).  In all my visits to this food wonderland, I have managed to taste food from different regions (which vary a lot) – while not having photographed all. I can safely say I have a few personal favourites (I will throw in the baklava though I don’t fancy sweet dishes) that are strictly “meat based” – and Adana kebabs top that list.

turkish coffee

You cannot leave Turkey without tasting this! Turkish coffee at its best.

Tea is a very popular beverage and is available in many flavours (Iranian market is a great place to buy tea) – the most popular of them all being apple tea. I have had a fair share of tea (mostly free tea) and vouch for apple tea, especially appreciated on a cold winter morning!


Falafel – that unique chickpea fritters, perfect for vegetarians.


Mantı (mini dumplings filled with meat) are either boiled or fried and served with yogurt or butter, and often accompanied with a range of spices.

turkish chocolates

Love chocolates?



Borek – flaky, meat filled pastry. Cheese and potato fillings are just as easily found.

This savoury pastry can be found in many varieties – most popular one being meat, spinach or cheese.  You will find them rolled or puffed or even layered (like lasagna) and is easily an anytime snack. Borek and its many variations have found its way into several neighbouring countries, especially those which were under Ottoman rule at one time or the other.

turkish corn

Golden corn – very popular among locals and tourists alike. Grab one as you stroll around the city.

turkish doner

That is some serious doner he’s got there!






Ayran (yogurt drink) served in copper cups in a tiny restaurant in Taksim.



Hamsi – the fish that rules the Black Sea coast. I first tasted it in Trabzon.

turkish breakfast

A breakfast spread in Goreme.

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