Why the Chinese are a healthy lot | Video

It is true what they say about the relationship between music and good health. In China, this is the way to bring people together as well.

When traveling through China, I noticed that in the early mornings, people gathered in a public place, put on some music and started dancing to it. Ok, so it wasn’t any sort of professional dancing or anything like that, and it seemed to me more of a community effort to keep fit together – I really found that fascinating. This particular video was shot in Gulin, in Southern China (and definitely one of the most beautiful places in China that I visited).

This “communal dancing” is open to all – and is usually lead by a healthier and more agile woman – followed by people of many age groups, and not often the fittest or most agile. But to see them sway and dance and glow is indeed fascinating and rather moving.

I’am not sure I would ever be seen in public dancing like this – without much coordination between arms and legs and the music.

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