Coffee with gold? Yes please!

How do you like your coffee? With milk and sugar? Black? Or with some GOLD?

A tall order? Not at all. With the famous Emirates Palace cappuccino – you get all of that!

If you happen to be in Abu Dhabi, UAE’s swanky capital city (I suggest it is worth visiting just for the coffee), make sure you drop in to the impressive Emirates Palace if only for their signature “gold coffee.”

Head for Le Café coffee shop for this uniquely glittering experience. And you are not expected to pay a small fortune either. At USD 15 or AED50, the Emirates Palace cappuccino is not a bad deal, considering the glittering topping it comes with. This is no ordinary cappuccino. Sure, your cappuccino appears hot and steaming, with an Emirates Palace design on it and splattered with edible gold leaf.

emirates palace

The grand interiors of Emirates Palace Hotel

Emirates Palace is an unashamedly luxurious place and would definitely be worth a night or a weekend drive from Dubai. Fortunately, the hotel also has a couple of the city’s best restaurants and coffee shops, so if you’re just on a day trip and don’t want to stay over, pop in for a golden treat – as in, real gold.

Visiting the remarkable Emirates Palace and sampling its signature “gold coffee” would call for an ideal day trip from Dubai. What’s more, whatever your budget might be, there is no dearth of amazing Dubai hotels that will ensure all your holiday needs are taken care of! While you’re in the city, make sure you don’t miss out on any of its star attractions and incredible entertainment avenues!


  1. Men are required to wear pants. While a dress code doesn’t apply for women and children, dress smartly.
  2. Do not force the waiters to take your photo. They are not allowed to, respect that.
  3. If you have valet parked your car, be patient while your car arrives. Remember its a BIG hotel with plenty of guests and visitors and it might be a while before you get your car.
  4. The coffee cost about USD15 – but hey, its real gold!
emirates palace

The very grand Emirates Palace Hotel

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