Looking for some fun activities to do in Sharjah?

 With water on two sides of Sharjah and a vast sandy desert on the others Sharjah has plenty of unique environments to explore. The desert offers sand driving, while the eastern coast has superb scuba diving and snorkeling. Sharjah is also renowned for its lush green parks, which are popular tourist attractions and contain their own unique highlights. If it gets too hot, just head to the beach, where you can either cool off and relax or rent a jet-ski and zip around the lagoons.

Sharjah has plenty of family friendly activities and you can never tire of the endless number of activities to choose from. For young couples and singles Sharjah has an exciting and diverse nightlife and is considered one of the culinary capitals of United Arab Emirates.

Sharjah Stadium
Constructed in 1980s this stadium is more like an institution and has seen a record number of ODI played here. The huge stadium can accommodate over 27,000 people at a time and provides powerful floodlights. Sharjah ground was the venue for 198 One Day international cricket matches. This ground is very popular in the South Asian population of the United Arab Emirates.

Expo Centre
The Expo Centre of Sharjah is the place where all the international exhibitions and fairs are held – including the Book Fair which draws people from all over the world. With fantastic landscaped architecture, the Expo Center hosts several international exhibitions, conferences and events.

The Planetarium
Originally a part of the Arab Maritime Transport Academy, the planetarium is located in Al Majaz near Sharjah Bridge and mostly attracts government schools and science clubs for the study of astronomy and celestial navigation. Permission of Department of Culture and Information is required for group visits.

Looking for an excuse to ‘shoot’ someone? Head to the Sharjah Paintball Park, one of the finest in the country. Well, you don’t only have to shoot, there are loads of other things you can do here as well – though paintball will always be the first point of call. The innovative outdoors can accommodate up to 150 players in one session. The fields feature bunkers, huts, trees, aircrafts, hills, trenches, bridges, towers and more. The park also has state-of-the-art paintball equipment, and flood lit fields (for night play) that are fully grassed which makes play safer and more enjoyable for the players.

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