Freezing on Mt Titlis, Switzerland

Have you seen pictures of people on snow covered mountains and wished you were one of those standing on it looking around at surrounding beauty?

Well, I recently became one of those people and (while I am not exactly complaining) I am not so sure that I call myself “fortunate”. Why? Because it was cold – something that pretty pictures can convey! I live in UAE and in no way could I have been ready for the winter cold on Mt Titlis – one of Switzerland’s most visited destinations round the year!

Mt Titlis

The snowy road to Engelberg

Mt Titlis

As the cable car whisks you up the mountain, the tiny town appears like snow-houses below!

Mt Titlis

With Swiss precision, the cable car (operating round the year)whisks you up hill.

Cliff Walk

The famous Cliff Walk. In case you didn’t know, there is a camera right there which takes your picture, in case you don’t want to take off your gloves. Just smile at it. You can collect your picture at the gate.

But, despite the bone-chilling cold (and minimal exposure on the mountain top), I managed to get some fantastic shots (courtesy few brave hearts that didn’t mind pulling off their gloves to take pictures for me!)

I might as well add that more than once I wished I was seated in a warm room with a hot chocolate at hand and gazing at the beauty through a window! I nearly gave up during the Cliff Walk and cursed myself for having dared to begin the walk at that! Cliff Walk, by the way is Europe’s highest suspension bridge!

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