Frankfurt | A place worthy of visit

Frankfurt is an interesting city to visit. Not quite up in the ranks of the touristic circles, but definitely worth a visit.
It is interesting how the entire city was reconstructed after the World War II, in almost the same way as it was in the pre-war days. And it looks every bit as beautiful and welcoming as it probably did in the pre-war time.

I love this city. Loved it from the time I arrived one early morning and grabbed a still warm pretzel from a small store right outside the train station. My hostel, of course, was located very close to the station itself.

hauptbahnof in frankfurt

The main train station – Hauptbanhof. This is where all long distance trains start from.

It is true that there isn’t much to impress the tourist – Frankfurt at best is a functional business and trade city, yet there is enough to satisfy the curious traveler.

food in frankfurt

Grab n Go – plenty of snacks to choose from. There are however, very few options for vegetarians, but meat lovers have a lot to rejoice over.

German bread

The Germans love their bread! I did too – in fact, never have I see so many varieties of it in one place!

spiderman in frankfurt

There are few of these spiderman statues scattered all through Frankfurt. If you on a walking tour of the city, your guide will help you spot a few of them.

I wholeheartedly suggest going on a walking tour. It is free, lasts 3 hours and you get an insider view of Frankfurt and get to see some sights you might otherwise overlook. Click here

Römerberg Frankfurt

The Römer : The three stepped gable facades of the Römer makes this square extremely popular.

The time I visited, the place was readying for the Ironman Run, hence the setup.

Frankfurt river cruise

View of the river – starting point of all cruises. 


A view of Frankfurt

Eiserner Steg bridge in frankfurt

The Love-Bridge: Eiserner Steg bridge which sees thousands of people showing off their love by attaching a padlock to the bridge. I added my share to it as well, only to learn that every year the government has to cut away the locks to ease the weight on the bridge.


The large Euro sign sculpture near the European Central Bank. The second one was taken down by the Frankfurt Airport.

Sadly, not a lot of people consider Frankfurt as a holiday destination – at best give it a day or two. Majority of the visitors here are either business tourists or people in transit but really, the possibilities as a holiday destination are immense.

Cathedral & Museums are in plenty – of them all, the ones I visited are the Cathedral of St Barthlomew, a Roman Catholic Gothic church located in the centre of Frankfurt am Main dedicated to Saint Bartholomew is a must visit place when here. Consider a visit to the Naturmuseum Senckenberg, the second largest museum of natural history in Germany with a huge collection of dinosaur fossil making it very popular among children. This museum also has the largest collection of stuffed birds in the world. Fancy that! To come to Frankfurt and finding stuffed birds! Such are the bonus of travels.

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