Strange foods I ate around the world – and loved!

Ugali with fish and chips – Tanzania. Ugali is a cornmeal, wholesome and bland.

Street food in Moshi, Tanzania. Not at all spicy as it looks.

Some more less known, once-eaten food from various parts of the world. I suppose what I ate in Papua New Guinea shouldnt really be called weird, but hell it was strange eaten boiled taro with milk. Native food of PNG consists of cassava, yam (taro), sweet potato, potato, rice and veggies. Not too heavy on meats there.

Taro (yam) cooked to a slush before adding milk to it. – Papua New Guinea

Boiled cassava and banana procured in the jungles of Papua New Guinea and cooked at the camp.

South East Asia is where the surprises lie. Check out this video. (Its really only everyday street food in Yogyakartha, Indonesia- yet feels so, exotic!)

More pics below. Funny how SE Asia manages to shock the hardened “foodie”…and I don’t mean that in a nice way!

What looks like an intestine, must be intestine! Animal not specified


  1. Only you can do this anjaly….kudos!!

  2. I would really like to say thanks very much for the work you have made in writing this blog post.

  3. Dr. Sreebha Sreedharan

    Very informative, anjaly. It’s a good idea to share the experiences of your travel around the world. Keep it updated always. Best wishes.

  4. Nice to read what you are doing because it compared what to what I usually do on my trip to India. Recently went for one week trip to Kerala and one of my check in bag was only clothes and items for donation.

  5. Hi anjaly,i was exited while reading you are traveling alone in African bushes , because I was in Mozambique anyway bom viaje

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