Flaming Cliffs of Mongolian Gobi

Now, one reason you would want to visit this site in the Gobi Desert would be to see the site where the first ever dinosaur eggs were found! Located in the Omnogovi Province of Mongolia (most companies include a visit to this site), this spectacular site is definitely a must see.

This site was discovered (and named by) Roy Andrew Chapman, an American explorer, who had visited Mongolia in 1920.

Following the discovery, Roy apparently carried back all that he discovered, including the dinosaur fossil (which is now in a museum in Ulanbaatar) on camelbacks.


It’s a long way from Ulan Bator to reach this site. The Flaming Cliffs or Bayanzag gets its name because the sandstone cliffs erupt into bright colours during sunset. 


While you may be inspired to walk down the cliffs, on a hot day it can get extremely tiring. Do remember to carry a bottle of water. The views from below, however are worth the hike. I opted to stay where I was though – it was a very cloudy day and hence very “stuffy” – but the good thing was it rained right after.


Locals selling a variety of stones and other items at the site.


Who says it doesn’t rain in the Gobi? Look at that sky! A few minutes after we left the site, it rained. Rain in Gobi, accompanied by thunder and flashes of lightening is a sight not easily forgotten.


The board, thoughtlessly written in the local language only, welcomes the small scattering of visitors.


Two German bikers in their BMW who happened to be there – they had covered 2 months on the road and showed no signs of stopping!


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