Fried tarantula is a great snack

Fried tarantulas make for nice, crispy snack. If I were you though, I’d avoid eating the gooey stomach section!

While in Cambodia, I went looking for fried spiders to eat, after hearing so much about them. Traveling through Kampot, Kep, Sihanoukville brought me many surprises in the form of food, but no tarantula. I must say here that I was disappointed. I had been meaning to eat this for a long time. When heading back to the airport and with few hours to kill, decided to visit the Central Market.



Nothing there. Bought myself some semi-precious stones…and with a dejected heart was heading out of the market to hail a motodup to the airport when I saw this girl with a huge flat plate piled with—-TARANTULAS!!

Fried tarantula is a great snack.

Here is a little video a local man helped me take. I wasn’t going to let that chance slip away!



  1. Disssssssgussssssting! Vg

  2. Noooo..its actually quite tasty!! Really, no kidding!

    • I read an article about you in Malayala manorama. Salute you madam….you are awesome.

      I envy you for all your travelling experience…..and what you shared in this website is really motivating. When finance supports me I do visit Kokoda track.

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