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Who We Are

We have an insatiable desire for discovery, of new destinations, new vistas and most of all, for new experiences. We call ourselves TraveLusts. We are a small and rather cosy group of travellers who lust for experiences that have enriched our lives in many ways. From the thrill of a bike trip across the Himachal to feelings of accomplishment on completion of an arduous trek, each experience has left its indelible mark on us.

Our Story

We had heard from many prospective and even seasoned travellers who travel through a tour organiser that they are afraid to explore new horizons other than what is offered. If they know that the tour organiser has travelled the same location himself/herself, they are comfortable to explore new destinations. Since we are avid travellers ourselves, we thought we could fill this gap through our firsthand and unique, travel experiences.

Ease India Travel, our travel startup began operations in 2013 October.

Our Kind of Traveller

Our kind of traveller is the one who is not looking to tick a destination off from their list, but seek varied experiences – be it through adventure activities, exploration of culture, cuisine, architecture, dances etc. The traveller who travels with us wants the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local spirit; who seeks more than just sight seeing; who may want to mingle with the locals and understand their culture; who may want to learn about the Geo-Political history of the destination. At the same time, these travellers need the comfort, security and a safety net that a tour organiser offers.

What We Do

Through Ease India Travel we offer ExperienceTravel (a phrase we have since trademarked) – in-depth information on destinations, expertly customised itineraries unique to each destination, and activities thrown in that intend to surprise and delight our guests. We offer end-to-end ExperienceTravel packages which include flight/hotel/taxi bookings etc. along with customised activities, based on the destination. From pick up till final goodbye we ensure that our guests have a seamless travel experience.

Our destinations include Himachal, Kerala, Gujarat, parts of Maharashtra, Goa & Bhutan.

Our Bhutan Partner

In October 2014, Dragon Villa Tours was formed to formalise our activities in the country. The company is managed by a Bhutanese national and offers the same experiences as Ease India Travel.



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