Recommended places to eat in Fujairah

The emirate of Fujairah has plenty of dining options – be it budget restaurants, cafes, sea side eateries and star restaurants (generally found in the hotels), there is no shortage of places to eat. You can have food from all over the world here – although it would be rather difficult to find a typical “local” food.

Please note that the food you get here would pretty much be like what you have eaten elsewhere in the UAE, but hey, no one is complaining!

Fujairah recently has seen a rise in “mall culture” which means you are never far away from a McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks or Tim Hortons – and that is definitely NOT what you call a dining experience.

Cafeterias along the beach are great for quick snacks like shawarma and it is not uncommon to find the Asianized version of this – which includes chunks of raw tomatoes and cabbage shreds. You can also ‘order’ the shawarma that way you like it – without the cabbage if you wish.

Alcohol is mostly only available within top-quality hotels, although cheaper alternatives are available at the Fujairah Marine Club on the Corniche and Fujairah Beach Motel, but if you persisted, you could be led to the ‘hole in the wall’ that sells alcohol for much less than the hotels do.

Here are a few good options to try out –

Al Meshwar
A very popular eatery in Fujairah that serves the best Lebanese food outside of Lebanon. The appetizer plate is particularly worth mentioning thanks to its scrumptious sausages and excellent value. Add a fattoosh salad and baba ghanooj and it’s enough to fill two. Do not forget to try the fresh pomegranate juice. The sheesha section is a great place to hang out particularly if you are in large groups and enjoy mixing with people.

Maharath Al Bahar Cafeteria
It is the localised version of a “drive through” except that here  you drive up and honk – and no, its not offensive! Someone will appear at your window with a smile. This could be the secret of its popularity and not to mention the fabulous shawarma and falafel, toasted sandwiches, wraps or burgers. Not surprising that the place is always full – you can tell by the way the falafels disappear. Try the multi-coloured ‘thabakath’ cocktail with layers of avocado, mango and strawberry juice.

Sadaf Restaurant
Looking for an Iranian experience? Head to Sadaf Restaurant. This eatery serves up deliciously moist grilled kebabs and tasty Iranian rice, which alone makes you forget the less-swanky surroundings. Go there for the food alone. A branch of the popular Sadaf hotel chain.

Breezes Beach Bar and Terrace
Relax at the Hilton Fujairah Resort’s Breezes Bar and Terrace for lunch, dinner or a drink. Watch the waves of the Indian Ocean gently lap the shore from this beachfront bar in Fujairah while enjoying a choice of mouthwatering dishes from the a la carte menu. Catch up with all the latest sporting events or take in a live performance with a cocktail or refreshing drink in the Beach Bar.

Views Restaurant
This  cheerful brasserie is open every day of the week for buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ala carte menu is available through the day. Enjoy fresh seasonal fare, festive themed nights every day and buzzing live entertainment. Popular among the expats looking for a fine dining options.

White Shark Restaurant
For authentic Arabic cuisine, White Shark is the best option this side of town. Reasonably priced away from the city’s noisy traffic, this restaurant believes in serving everything ‘family’ size. The fresh salad alone feels like a meal. You will never come away unsatisfied. Especially popular among local population looking for an evening out with families.

Golden Fork Restaurant
Part of the popular restaurant chain in the UAE, Golden Fork is well known for its far eastern cuisine and Filipino food. Spicy, sumptuous and reasonably priced, Golden Fork easily makes the best fish fillet and sweet and sour shrimp.

Saffron Vegetarian Restaurant
As the name indicates, this is the place you must go if you are looking for a culinary change. Easily the best place in the town for Indian-style vegetarian dishes served with delicious and hot roti (Indian bread).

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