Caribbean Airlines enters deal with Emirates

CARIBBEAN Airlines, the Trinidadian national carrier which now includes Air Jamaica, has signed a new interline deal with Emirates, the Dubai-based airline with more than 142 global destinations.

The deal follows a larger one for Emirates, which recently entered a similar arrangement with Qantas, the Australian airline.

“Caribbean Airlines envisages that other markets will open up allowing passengers seamless transitions through some of the world’s major cities,” the release said.

Several former Air Jamaica pilots currently fly for Emirates as well as other Arabian airlines such as Etihad and Qatar Airlines.

The deal will provide customers with a greater choice of destinations and easy transfers at key airports such as London’s Gatwick and JFK in New York. Customers will also have the ability to take advantage of through fares from the extensive Emirates network via London and new York to Kingston, Montego Bay, Port of Spain and Georgetown.

The result will be easier global connections with attractive fares on a single ticket, according to a recent news release from Caribbean Airlines.


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