Camping in China: Countering Unpredictability

The vast range of climates and weather systems that encompass China mean that Chinese weather is extremely unpredictable. Whereas many countries own more drastic changes in rain, heat and so on, only perhaps the UK and Ireland possess the ability to defy prediction.

Bearing that knowledge in mind, there are plenty of considerations that you need to take before embarking on a trip to China when it comes to your equipment. Read on to discover what you can do, beyond choosing the right bag and outerwear, to ensure you’re ready for quick changes in the environment.


A big part of camping in China’s unpredictable weather systems, like those you’ll find in China, is having multi-purpose equipment. In an area where you can be in sweltering heat just as soon as cold rain, you don’t want to be tramping around in equipment designed solely for cold and wet weather. Outerwear manufacturers have long known this, producing lightweight breathable fabrics that have seen use on places as extreme as Everest.

These materials do only go so far, however. For many campers and backpackers, one of the best ways to make yourself prepared for the weather is to have equipment that can be used for multiple purposes. Some blankets double as ponchos, and tents can be adapted easily these days to turn into snow-shelters or lightweight rain shields for otherwise hot environments.


If you find yourself in a climate that is likely to turn from sweltering heat to day-ruining wetness, or even dangerous hail and storms, planning is key. Look at your route – will there be coverage from foliage? Or will the trees be susceptible to lightning damage and unsafe as use for cover? Can you check in with a village or town nearby, or find a wilderness stopover in which to shelter? Digital technology has created a litany of useful hiking apps to help camping enthusiasts and hikers make sure they’ve on the right side of the weather and circumstances, which are available for offline use, too.

Getting Stuck In

Ultimately, the biggest barrier to confidently navigating the land is yourself. If you’ve got the equipment, experience and preparation, don’t worry about what you may or may not be facing – step into the mire and start travelling. If you’ve got a desire to see a place and the confidence to get out and about, you’ll be richly rewarded.

Inclement weather, or just changeable systems, can be a thorn in the side of many travelling campers. It shouldn’t be, however. Keep your eye on the news, take advantage of modern technology and adaptations and be confident. Keep all of this in mind, and you’ll be fine.

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