Recommended places to eat in Fujairah

Al Ghorfa Restaurant

Fujairah has plenty of dining options - cafes, sea side eateries and star restaurant (generally in the hotels). You can have food from all over the world here - although it would rather difficult to find a typical "local" food here.

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Interesting activities in Fujairah


Fujairah is the hidden gem in the UAE. This emirate offers plenty of activities for the daring and the not so - in fact it embraces a whole spectrum of activities ranging from simply walking by the beach, to some serious wadi bashing.

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Tourist attractions in Fujairah


There is plenty to see and experience in Fujairah. Rightly referred to as the Arabian Jewel, this beautiful mountainous region is hospitable, safe and has a rich cultural heritage and tradition.

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Fujairah – An intro


The most picturesque of all emirates, Fujairah is also the only emirate on the eastern coast of UAE along the Gulf of Oman and very popular among the locals expats and tourists alike.

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