Food of North Korea


For the tourists, there is abundance of food, served in style - in elaborate cutlery by well dressed and beautiful, stiff faced women in rooms large enough to be a ballroom.

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Tried street food ever? It is fabulous!


There are many reasons why Street Food is particularly enjoyable!! I never miss a chance to eat at the food stalls lining the streets – anywhere I go or sometimes even in my hometown India – that practically serves up thousands of varieties of it! Okay, more often than not, related issues like upset stomach does occur, but I have ...

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Century eggs. Balut. Sea urchins

Century Eggs

Not without reason I have this strange feeling that you are going to think me a complete weirdo as far as food is concerned. But you see, the world is full of people eating them, I just happened to be where it was being served. By far the most difficult food I have eaten till date is Century Eggs. Perhaps ...

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