A day with the Maasai Warriors

masaai house

During my recent visit to Kenya, I decided to spend some time with the Maasai Warriors - although I had done that in Tanzania few years ago. The idea was to get to know as much as I could about them, take candid shots and videos.

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Ever worn a real Lion Head? I did


Although I had scouted the village earlier in the a.m, photographing the Massai's, I was surprised at their hospitality when I went as a "paying guest". To them, I was a muzungu alright. I

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The Big Cats – gallery


Some of my favourite pictures of the big cats in the Masai Mara. No safari feels complete without the sighting of these amd no matter how many you see you still want more.

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Dancing with the Masaai | Video

Masaai Mara

It isn't as easy as it looks - I was really tired after those "leaps." Strangely the Masaai people can keep at it for a long time! It is quite interesting to watch the tall, lithe men jump straight into the air.

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