Getting around in Abu Dhabi is a breeze!

abu dhabi taxi

Abu Dhabi has a fantastic network of roads system and getting around is easy. Roads and streets are clearly marked, while the boards pointing to the touristic areas are bigger than regular boards and are written on brown boards.

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Islands of Abu Dhabi

Dalma Island

When you have had enough of the usual in Abu Dhabi that almost inevitably includes FI at Yas Island, mall hopping, admiring the Emirates Palace etc, you might want to get out and explore the countryside. And, surprise, surprise - there is so much you can find!!

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Car Museum, Abu Dhabi


A fascinating collection of cars jeeps trucks...and a great place to stop on the way to or from Liwa. The vast collection of off-road vehicles and classic American cars, the Sheikh's Mercedes rainbow collection and the world's largest truck are a great sight to behold.

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Abu Dhabi galleries and museums

While the mention of museums may immediately bring to mind images of ancient artifacts and dusty rooms, the museums and art galleries in the emirate are in a dfferent league.

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Abu Dhabi – UAE’s capital

HQ Building

Expats from over 150 countries make up the population of Abu Dhabi, hence it has a rich and mixed culture. Fortunately, despite being a huge, modern metropolis, the street and pedestrian traffic are very well regulated.

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