British Airways cuts cabin baggage size

British Airways recently announced that it will be making some changes to its hand-baggage allowances, starting 18 August 2015. The airline currently allows passengers two cabin bags, but has decided to reduce the size of one of these bags.

In a statement, British Airways said that passengers can now carry a handbag or laptop bag which should now be no larger than 40x30x15cm. The current permissible dimensions are 45x36x20cm. The dimensions of the other cabin bag allowed (56x45x25cm) and weight (23kgs) remain unchanged. The new rule will only affect Economy and Premium Class passengers; First Class travellers will be exempt.

The reason behind the new move is to reduce flight delays. According to British Airways, flights often run behind schedule as flight attendants spend time trying to fit cabin luggage in the overhead compartments. The new dimensions mean that your laptop or handbag can now fit under the seat. Passengers will be given a yellow tag to add to the bag, ensuring that they are allowed to carry it on board.

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