Baby panda trying to walk | Video

Of all the ‘awesome sights’ I have seen during my travels, this one takes the cake!!! Watching this bumbling little, cuddly baby panda trying to walk was actually the highlight of my China trip, I should say!

If you are traveling through China, a visit to Chengdu is highly recommended! A laid back, old-world town, great food and Pandas are the highlights of this place.

Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province. It has, like the rest of China, a fantastic metro, great food and cheap hostels as well.

Interesting sights around town, including Wenshu Monastery, tea houses (Starbucks for the coffee lovers). Chunxi Road (centre of downtown Chengdu) is a bustling and well-known fashion destination. You can easily find all your international brands here.

I stayed at the Lazybones Hostel just outside the Metro Line 1. Get off at Luomashi, Exit A, cross the road and there you are!



  1. Cutest! 🙂

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